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MDPE Gas Pipes

MDPE Gas pipe ensures significant cost savings while providing long-lasting performance. The feature of MDPE Gas pipes are:

  • Superior resistance to most solvents and chemicals it is likely to encounter in natural and manufactured gas
  • Is non-corroding against gas and external galvanic soil conditions
  • Resists UV degradation when exposed to direct sunlight
  • Resists slow crack growth
  • Can be cut with simple pipe and tubing cutters, allowing for savings in labor and equipment
  • Reduces the cost of manpower required for installation due to its light weight and ease in transport and handling, as well as long laying lengths

EONN PLAST has successfully manufactured MDPE Gas pipes up to the customer’s satisfaction for umpteen projects.


EONN MDPE Pipes are of the highest quality and meet the IS: 14885 standards specifications. They are manufactured under strict quality control, in a state-of-the-art plant which uses only the latest manufacturing technology.

The inherent characteristics of MDPE Pipes are corrosion & crack resistance, toughness and flexibility. It is these very qualities that make Polyethylene Piping Systems the most preferred means of transportation and distribution of water, petrol and natural gases worldwide.

A Wide Range of Sizes:

EONN manufactures yellow gas pipes in grades PE-80 & PE-100 for gas applications in sizes 20 mm to 355 mm (Outer Diameter) in all pressure ratings


The raw material used is Medium Density Poly Ethylene (MDPE). EONN PLAST INDIA pipes in grades PE-80 & PE-100 for gas applications in sizes 20 mm to 450 mm (Outer Diameter) in all pressure ratings.

Meeting the World's Highest Specifications:

EONN MDPE Pipes manufactures MDPE pipes which confirms to national and International standards as ISO-4437, ISO-4427, IS-14885, BS-7281, DIN-8074/75. EONN PLAST INDIA pipes can also be tailor made to meet the specific requirement of individual gas authorities or customers.

Dimensions :

Physical & Mechanical Properties of MDPE Pipes :

Top-of-the-Line Features:

  • Flexibility: They are easy to handle and coil.
  • Corrosion Resistance: Tough and highly reliable, even in aggressive soils.
  • Fusion Joined: High integrity and reliability.
  • Light - Weight: They weigh less than the metallic pipes. This makes them much easier to load, transport, handle and install.
  • Crack Resistance: Excellent resistance to subsidence, traffic vibrations, point leading, marshy ground to UV rays.
  • Homogenous: Their joints are leakage-free and reliable.
  • UV Stability.
  • Low Installation Costs.
  • Earthquake - Resistance.
  • Long Life: EONN MDPE Pipes have a long service life. While transporting gas at an ambient temperature, they are estimated to last in excess of 50 years.

Electro Fusion Fittings Technical Specifications

Electro Fusion Fittings Sizes 63 mm & below

Electro Fusion Fittings Sizes 63 mm & above

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